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December 09, 2022


Martin Adamson

And I would be willing to bet that as the Queen’s right hand Lady Hussey has travelled far more in Africa than 99% of all Brits. It’s entirely possible she spotted that Fulani was a fake, because I’m sure her costume also is the equivalent of someone wearing both a kilt & cossack fur hat.


When I saw the name "Fulani," I wondered about that, as I was aware that they're a well-known Muslim tribe in West Africa responsible for lots of attacks on Christians there.

Of course, I didn't know that "Ngozi" was an Igbo name, but I remember hearing about the Igbo (or "Ibo," as I first learned) from the Biafran war in 1971. The Igbos are Christian, so there is undoubtedly no love lost between the two tribes.

I also wondered why Headley would disown her Caribbean heritage, as it comprises several centuries of history, traditions, and culture.

How embarrasingly bad her Halloween costume and phony name really are.


race grifters race grifting. what is spectacularly tactless is m. headly playing the injured party.

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