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September 28, 2022



'Nowhere else in the Muslim world...' - perhaps we're wrong to consider Iran part of the muslim world. Only four out of ten identify as Muslim, after all:



It won't be the moment of freedom. The US is currently dominated by an elite informed by Identity Politics. The US is the source of all evil in the world and if only we treat others better, all the problems will vanish. Who are we to tell Iranians how to govern their country. The protesters can be safely ignored. They are corrupted by Western thoughts and as such inauthentic.

The situation in the UK is little better. We are facing a landslide Labour victory - a party dominated now by Identitarians, who will pass self ID on the day they are elected and will probably punish those such as yourself who publish defences of Hatemongers


On reflection I realise I mistakenly wrote Identitarians instead of Woke, even though I know this is a designation of a far right movement. Perhaps I'm not so wrong after all.

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