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May 16, 2022


Martin Adamson

The irony is that Hofstadter’s book was published just after it became obvious that a Communist (with a big C) had shot Kennedy. The Left absolutely refused to accept it, and the paranoid style passed wholesale over to the Left, where it ruled for decades in all aspects of popular culture.


This argument might have more credibility if American progressives hadn't spent my entire life crowing about how demographic changes due to immigration and birth rate changes would bring them permanent ascendancy. For goodness sake, they published triumphalist books about it!

Joe Y

I listened to Carlson's "replacement theory" show -- or one of them anyway -- and it's not "white" replacement theory he's referring to, but the replacement of the current American citizenry, very much including black and Native American ones, with huge numbers of unassimilated migrants. He goes way too far in my opinion, but he makes many strong points about the US government at all levels not making the safety, prosperity, and education of current US citizens a priority, and that's why they want to get rid of him. Nothing to with racism, as he's explicitly non-racist.

Michael van der Riet

The pandemic didn't crash the American economy and change the American mood. The American mood crashed the American economy. Hint: Sweden?

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