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May 25, 2022


Michael van der Riet

I'm not sure that genocide was Putin's intention when he launched the invasion. I think that the successful resistance has driven him further into the realms of dementia. I think that this consequence was foreseeable. I think that Zelenskiy's shot at sainthood will destroy the lives of millions of Ukrainians. Naturally I expect the Norwegian committee to award him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mick H

Oh ffs. It's Putin who's destroying the lives of millions of Ukrainians, not Zelensky.


The objective is genocide. The main purpose of the initial invasion in the North was to terrorise and kill civilians and depopulate the country. Rape, torture and terrorism through civilian slaughter is the mode of operation. The mobile cremation units are to dispose of evidence of torture.
Putin and his regime have openly and explicitly stated over and over that 'Ukrainian' isn't a national identity; 'Ukraine' isn't a nation. His aim is to fulfil that. Taking over the territory itself is almost a side benefit.

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