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March 12, 2022


Horace Dunn

Unfortunately, we are probably unable to win a second cold war. The first time round, the vast majority of people in the western world understood what was at stake (many of them had fought for democracy and freedom, or lost loved ones in the fight for it). This time round that isn’t so. The left-wing media, led robustly by the BBC, relentlessly cheapen western civilisation. The educational system promotes the “maybe it wasn’t perfect but…” view of Soviet communism while focusing only on the mistakes and occasional barbarities of the western world. Generations now have grown up instilled with the view that western democracy = vulgar capitalism = imperialism = enslavement of Africans.

I’ve been encouraged by the way that western governments have acted over the invasion of Ukraine, and by the way that the press have been reporting it. But it won’t be long before that sense of unity starts to erode and gradually the Jeremy Corbyn / university lecturer attitudes will prevail. And even after the odious and unreliable Biden has left the White House, the likelihood is that the USA will continue to elect moral degenerates (to continue in the great Obama – Trump – Biden tradition) to the position of leader of the free world. You’re right to say that the only possible approach is to embark on another cold war. Unfortunately that cold war is already all but lost.

Mick H

I don't really share your pessimism. As you say, it's encouraging that western governments have come together over the Ukkraine invasion, and the press reporting's been excellent on the whole. The West seems to have recovered at least some of its mojo. The revulsion at the Russian invasion is pretty well universal. I don't see that changing.

But we'll see...


There is a very powerful and new dimension to this emerging cold war. The Internet, mobile phones, and the spread of information. So far, the free world despite all its contradictory trends, is pushing a strong message, which is getting through to the Russian people (many of whom might be wondering why they can't get a MacDonalds)

Come on Horace, Jeremy Corbyn / university lecturer attitudes will NOT prevail.

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