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January 01, 2022



These efforts at changing language are absurd as regardless of the expression used everyone will eventually catch up with the real meaning of the words. (The meaning is the same no matter how we attempt to disguise it). The language will then have to be changed again. This madness is worse than the doctoring of economic figures in the 'socialist republics (which everyone had to memorize and recite on demand). I'm astonished at how many people go along with it as I cannot see how the madness can be enforced. Why are employers allowed to police language? Couldn't such an act be construed as assault?


There's another point. It's common for elitist institutions to use terminology that is not understood by other people and to continually update it to keep ahead. That way insiders can tell if they are dealing with a fellow insider rather than an outsider - the latter can then be treated differently.

In my youth it was common for left groups to criticise say the BMA, for using Latin terms rather than terms in common usage. Of course times have changed and so has the left.

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