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September 21, 2021



"I wonder if this is the first real case of the effects of this nonsense - in this case Queer Theory and its ramifications - finally escaping the confines of the academy and making itself felt in the real world?"


CRT reversed MLK's injunction to judge on the content of character. Now we are expected to judge on the colour of skin. True, it took a lot of steps to decide that colour blindness was a form of racism but the theorists got there and PM was their foundation.


I should also mention another similarity.

Both trans-rights and BLM are running on the good will of previous generations of activists who managed to persuade ordinary people of the rightness of their cause. They shifted people's opinions to build majorities.

When I talk to people about both these causes (not the activists) they have an instinctive sympathy born out of the way they understood the struggle when they were students. That's often in complete opposition to the reality of the movements now. The reason trans extremism is meeting more and more opposition is because the public is waking up to the fact that this is not a continuation of what came before.

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