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March 28, 2021



You have the word of one French right-winger for this lurid story. Sorman is a climate denialist to boot. No victims.

Mick H

A French right-winger and a climate denialist! Sacré bleu!


This sort of thing goes back a long way in France. A recent WSJ article details some. It's quite a read [1].

[1] https://archive.is/Oeath

The WSJ is about Kouchner vs Duhamel, but goes over ground back to the 60's e.g. Sartre, Roland Barthes, Bernard Kouchner. Cohn-Bendit is also tarnished [2]

[2] https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/jan/28/kateconnolly.theobserver

The French report regards a petition set up in 1977, signed by many great and good personages, to free some men accused of child molestation.

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