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March 05, 2021



No argument that the North Korean tyranny is murderous, despicable and dangerous - but aren't we in the West facing a much more immediate tyrannical threat from within our own societies and institutions? Shouldn't we be focusing on that, instead of obsessing over an unfortunate but distant (physically and culturally) place over which we exercise little influence, like N. Korea or, for that matter, Afghanistan?

Mick H

Should we? I don't really see the argument, to be honest. Just not bother commenting on these countries like North Korea and Afghanistan, about whose people, in Chamberlain fashion, we know nothing?

Michael van der Riet

DJF that's the old tu quoque. MYOB does not have a distinguished history. In addition Kim is a menace not only to some millions of his own folk, but to many millions from other nations. The situation bears close watching and Mick is performing a great service in doing just that. I wish that he would make an effort to make this blog more accessible to a wider public.

Michael van der Riet

PS I love the cool transparent masks those dudes are wearing. To reassure the woke, half the dudes are actually dudesses who identify as dudes.


The argument is that our priority should be saving what's left of liberal civilization in our own countries instead of focusing on enslaved or chaotic countries that are beyond our ability to save. Certainly, the West, in the sad shape the it's in today, is in no position to rescue N Korea from its despot. As for Afghanistan, what we could we do that hasn't already been tried and failed over the last 20 years?

As for Chamberlain, no prize for pointing out that he made history's biggest mistake, but not every despot is Hitler.

Mick H

Well yes, I can appreciate the argument for not sending troops or spending money on these places - I mean, no one knows what to do about North Korea anyway, apart from keeping up the sanctions - but not even talking about them? Seems a bit extreme. I'm interested in these places, even if you're not.



You talk as if North Korea is a subject so dominating discussion that other issues are neglected. Apart from Mick, I can't think of a single outlet, mainstream or minor that gives anything but cursory attention to North Korean. I mean, if you so choose, you can easily avoid thinking about it at all.

So whilst I, and I suspect many others, agree that western democracy is under great threat, it would be absurd to claim that this level of coverage is deprioritizing safeguarding the west.

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