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January 03, 2021


Recruiting Animal

I love these and wonder how long they had been around since they resemble the pics you regularly post of the US in the 1930s and 40s


Why pick on Thatcher particularly?

At one end of the market you had places like Betty's (Harrogate) with waitress service. They were typical of the immediate post war era, the most famous being Lyons Corner house. Bar the odd exception like Betty's this was long gone before Thatcher.

Then you had Formica tabled establishment that differed little from the ones in the photos. These crossed over into transport cafes, and as the latter they still exist, albeit not on the motorways. But even there they see their market shrunken by the growth of Little Chef et all. In the towns, the big killer of independent cheap cafes was the rise of the big chains like Starbucks, Costa and so on. Some of that overlaps with Thatcher, but (a) it's ongoing and (b) the rise of Wimpy Bars, MacDonalds and Burger King (for 3) started way before her.

Mick H

Well no, it wasn't meant to be a detailed sociological analysis. Thatcher as a shorthand for what happened in the Eighties doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

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