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December 13, 2020



Transactivists have gone too far, much too far & a backlash is building.

I imagine quite a few LGBs, parents, siblings, & friends of rape victims fully agree with this Act & reject transactivists’ desire to impose on such intimate choices.

Feminists & lesbians publicly say they don’t want actual males to complete with females in sports. There is little vice versa opposition only because, with extremely rare exceptions, actual females cannot successfully compete against males in sports. If Gender self-selection is all that matters, why so? All know why.

Some (most?) Lesbians & gay men reject artificial sex-parts. They want the real thing. The LGB Alliance & Boyz (Gay male rag) question the transgender faith. Boyz magazine, promoting well-developed natural male bodies (pics) & male-only gay parties, was lashed, subdued, & offered an apology, but humans forced into obedience only postpone an increasing desire for rebellion against the whip.

Increasing numbers of parents are seeking help rather than supporting children's self-diagnosis they are trans. Some psychologists are changing their opinions & therapies.

Some minorities have had just grievances but transactivists demand all others adhere to their approved speech, behavior & associations. Toleration is slipping & more are starting to say “STFU!” Non-trans people have tipping points & one-by-one, trans outrages are crossing them yielding, “I’ve had enough!”

This is not a trans attack, but an observation. All “movements” can become too loud & go too far.


I am delighted that rape victims in Scotland can choose to have an examiner of the sex they prefer, but appalled that certain individuals believe it is their right to examine said victims against their will.

I have nothing but contempt for anyone who thinks that a person who has just been raped owes them validation. Absolutely monstrous.

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