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October 18, 2020



Of course, people who suffer from gender dysphoria should be given all the treatment and sympathy possible. If doctors had magic wands that could turn patients into the men or women they feel they really are, that would be great.

But no such wands exist. And medical know-how isn't advanced enough to enable all the sexual attributes of a born man or woman to be changed. The best that can be done is to approximate the bodily characteristics of the opposite sex through surgery and hormone treatments.

But that will only be an approximation. The transformation will necessarily be incomplete. For instance, people born male will still have greater muscle mass. So, as much as society will try to respect the new identity of a trans, there will have to be some limitations.

It's simply a fact that the science isn't advanced enough to make the transformation into the opposite gender a complete one. Trans activists have to be honest about that, and accept the limitations until new, more effective treatments can be developed.

Perhaps they should be advocating and fundraising for more research to be done, rather than foisting trans women onto female teams and sporting events.

Dr Evil

Adams gets slagged off for pointing out someone born male is around twice as strong as a woman and should not compete against an actual/real woman. This is common sense.

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