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June 24, 2020



There are actually about 38m people in England and Wales under the age of 50, not 18m. Of course that makes the figures more, not less striking. But it is rather sloppy.

Mick H

Yes, I noticed that . I assumed it was either badly phrased, and meant something like "of 18 million tested", or, yes, just sloppy.

John the Drunkard

Every year, school children bring home colds, flu, lice, etc. etc. to their whole families. This would be true of COVID as well. This is ground-floor reasoning about such an epidemic. The elderly and disabled aren't infected by spontaneous generation.

This is like ignoring the transmission by asymptomatic carriers. Typhoid Mary didn't grasp the notion either.

Mick H

It's not by any means clear that young children do infect the elderly to any great extent - "evidence consistently demonstrates that children are less likely than adults to acquire infection, and less likely to bring infections into households." https://coronavirusexplained.ukri.org/en/article/und0008/

Or again - "children play a minor role in the spread of the novel coronavirus. The virus is mainly spread between adults and from adult family members to children. The spread of COVID-19 among children or from children to adults is less common."

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