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June 13, 2020


Richard Powell

As an accountant or estate agent Radcliffe would have been free to voice his own opinions, if any. The opening of Redmayne's statement - "Respect for transgender people remains a cultural imperative, and over the years I have been trying to constantly educate myself" - sounds as if it was made under duress, to stave off punishment. Perhaps it was. There will be fewer acting jobs to go round in the future, and every actor is dispensable, so it's especially important to make all the right noises now.

Incidentally I'm pretty certain I've interacted with over 10,000 people over my lifetime. As far as I'm aware, not one was trans. The occasion has simply never arisen. (I'd perfectly comfortable if one did.) I wonder if my (lack of) experience is unusual.


Funny tweet from Konstantin Kisin: “was anybody really that surprised that Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t know what a man is?”


There I am thinking I'm agreeing with the entore Suzanne Moore article and then suddenly..

"...the high mortality rates of black women giving birth, our pathetic convictions for rape, female biology remains not just a reality but the locus of oppression that we all have to fight against. There isn’t a choice about who we think we are, women remain defined by others."


Black women are more prone to Preeclampsia, which wasn't caused by by men, black or white.
And what exactly is the correct conviction rate for rape?

It's this kind of of victimhood poker that has f***ed her own career. You would think that a moment of reflection might ensue. Yes, being born a female in a species that suffers highly maternity death rates is unlucky but it can't be blamed on the patriarchy. The fact that modern medicine is striving and largely succeeding in reducing that death rate might be relevant background context, particularly when it was achieved in part by evil white men, who (it needs noting) didn't actively seek to exclude the benefits to BME women, even while conceding that the primary research focused on problems that affected all woman, rather than BME women in particular.

Recruiting Animal

Why does everyone say that Rowling made the careers of the Harry Potter actors. She wrote the books, yes, but she didn't make the movies and that's what made them famous.

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