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June 14, 2020



"Hitler was cleansing Europe of Jews, who are white really, so it was just white against white, and probably doesn't even count as racism..."

I'm far from bring a genetics expert but the Med. region, especially it's Eastern part, is a bridge between three major other regions and probably had population exchanges in some degree (Aaron's wife in the Tanach for example is said to be from the kingdom of kush while Greeks and Romans and Phoenicians and others traveled between a lot of the Mediterranean's shores). So "racially" speaking everyone's would have been "mixed up" with each other anyway... to some degree.

Besides that, partial deportation of Jews from Israel by the Romans, forced conversion to Christianity in some parts and then keeping the Jewish faith a secret, the murders and rapes during the crusades and other occasions - which led Jews to decide that women are not to blame for being raped so the babies born could be considered Jewish (which is why a mainly patriarchal religion decided the mother of a baby would be the deciding factor of the newborn's faith/ethnicity), the running away from places like Portugal, Spain, England to the rest of Europe would not have caused some more rapes, or willing population mixing?
Have we been murdered and raped enough that we have "genetically" ceased to exist but are still good enough to be shoved into gas chambers?

I know this is not what this post is about but seeing that sentence (even as criticism to the reporter and her supporters concealed, true views) is infuriating and depressing simultaneously.

Mick H

That crack about Jews "being white really" is meant to be directed against those (mainly on the left) who see things that way - who think Jews are white and privileged, and therefore antisemitism isn't a problem. Not what I think!


I know, I do read your other posts. I thought it was clear but I can't really express myself very well when I'm a bit emotional:

" seeing that sentence (even as criticism to the reporter and her supporters concealed, true views)..."

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