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May 29, 2020



My musical tastes at that age leaned towards Lily Pons and Beniamino Gigli (Elvis? Pffah!), but this was a neighbour's favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S13mP_pfEc&list=PLr_AQ4iI2CDohtGa-yfy3E1tCNIFgYo9p


They actually got better later in life. This is from 1985.


Mick H

I like one of the comments to that clip - "The Constitution and The Everly Brothers - two of America's greatest contributions to human history."

Recruiting Animal

Listening to this song, I had to wonder if The Everly Bros really qualify as rock and roll. I think that a lot of rock and roll doesn't really qualify although it's such a broad term that I assume that I can easily be proven wrong.

Recruiting Animal

Here's Linda Ronstadt at the height of her career.
This version, live from the mid-70s is rockier than the Everlys'.

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