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May 29, 2020


Martin Adamson

Don’t think Florida’s response was incompetent. Making sure nursing homes were disinfected & not used as a dumping ground for potentially infected patients is one of the few political decisions globally that can be shown to have unambiguously succeeded.

Mick H

Yes, fair point...

Recruiting Animal

If 2 weeks in March would have made no difference, would an earlier warning by China have made a difference? It would have only been a few weeks, as well.

Perhaps it was the influx of people to Wuhan during the New Year festival and then the large number of flights out of Wuhan immediately after that was the killer.

But that would mean that some earlier actions at least could have made a strategic difference.

Mick H

Yes, it was containable in those early days, if the Chinese authorities had made the right decisions.

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