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May 26, 2020



Do polling companies ever do polls that show rightwing/ conservative governments not losing support do they actually poll countries led by leftwing governments?

John B

‘ There has been no hard lockdown, little of the aggressive contact tracing .... One possible factor is that the Japanese are simply under-counting. They've done very little testing.’

In other words they treated it like any other Winter ‘flu outbreak. If you look for trouble you will find it, don’t look and you won’t. If other Countries had treated Wu Flu like any other ‘flu we would not have the current hysteria, daily death toll ‘from The Front’, and a population gone into spin and rinse over a virus which is no threat to 99,9% of them.

And considering those Countries with moderate, calm response, their outcomes are better than the lockdown lunatics.


Along the lines favoured by Prof. Gupta at Oxford, might the Japanese - and other East Asians - be benefiting from a high level of preexisting immunity resulting from earlier infections with related but less harmful viruses?

Mick H

Well yes, that's another possibility.

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