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May 13, 2020


John Bowman

The obsession with ‘infection’ distracts people from asking the important question... infection leading to what, no symptoms, mild disease, serious/critical requiring hospitalisation, death?

No-symptoms occurs in around 50% of infections, around 85% are mild, only 15% more serious or critical from which about 80% recover. Deaths are nearly all in the upper age range and with comorbidity mostly, not broadly across the healthy population.

Exactly what is it that we are trying to achieve? How are we going to ‘save lives’ of people whose lives are not at risk?

We were told lockdown was necessary to prevent the health system being overwhelmed to save lives because some Covid cases that could be saved would not get treatment and die.

Now that we know that overwhelming did not happen, will not happen, exactly what are we doing? Does anybody know aside from we’re doing it because we’re doing it because we’re doing it?

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