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April 06, 2020



In Jordan and Italy similar restrictions led to rioting, small scale rioting but still. That's also something to think about, especially with Sweden doing something completely different.

David Whitehead

Regarding your sunbathing comment, I noticed that on my county website they specifically mentioned that fishing is against the rules. I wasn't planning to go out to the lake and fish, but I do wonder how sitting by yourself on a shoreline with no one else in sight is a violation of social distancing. Perhaps we are concerned about giving coronavirus to the fish or worms.


So an activity that does not require a person to move at all (and thereby makes social distancing even easier) and that also, by definition, bathes the body in UV light (which kills the COVID-19 virus), is against the rules. Wow.

Mick H

What seems to be banned, apparently, is any outside activity that might bring pleasure without the benefit of exercise. It goes against the current spirit of enforced misery.


I agree with the comments above. It seems to me that the problem we have as white people, is that we have no tribal loyalty. We act and think as individuals, (or as families possibly.) There is very little cohesion within the community. Look at who the police aren’t pursuing in their petty guidelines enforcement.
Tonight, my son was on the phone saying the neighbours had had their grandparents over and he was thinking of informing the police..
I used to be friends with a Pakistani who ran a garage. He told me how as a young man, his village would sometimes have trouble with a neighbouring one, and there would be a pitched battle between them. Barbaric it may have been, but you knew where your loyalties lay.
I’m still working because I can’t work at home. Travelling is fantastic on empty roads but it feels like I’m the last man on earth at times. People are cowering in their homes because of what the government or that twat Piers Morgan has told them. This virus will take some of the elderly, the infirm and some unlucky others (possibly the PM). For most, it’s not a problem. Ultimately, it’ll cause little more than a blip on the average mortality stats, if that.

We seriously need to grow a pair. Hitchens gets it, as does this blog owner I think.
Tyranny is so easy to apply when you get the people to enforce it.


Not having tribe mentality is a great thing. From someone in a place where tribe mentality is ruining everything.

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