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February 27, 2020


Fred Z

I would only worry about these answers if answers about other ethnic or religious groups were substantially different. The ability of people to hate or dislike Johnny Foreigner is unchanged.

My German aunt Mia rants on about Die Juden, who are insidious, clever, secretive plotters. Likewise die Turken (evil Muslim invader rapists), die Schwatten (stupid, lumpish, violent, rapist, invaders), der Trumpf (lucky, stupid, opportunist, actually a clever Jew in disguise - sucking and blowing, she really hates him) die Amerikaner (violent, rich, stupid, lucky, Jewish-Black miscegnated, ignorant hillbillies)et endless cetera, blah, blah blah.

Oddly enough she's a very kind lady in her actions, she treated my adopted part black son as family with no hesitation or hint of bias. But what she says...


Who are the "Schwatten" and "Trumpf"?


Oh, wait a minute, "Trumpf" means "trump" in German. Never mind about that one. And she'll be complaining for a good long time about him, as he seems to have a good chance to be reelected.

Mick H

"Schwatten" are blacks, I think - corruption of "schwartzen".

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