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January 31, 2020



Thank you for featuring Kirchik's article. Unbelievable! Sanders is either very stupid or very cynical.

Recruiting Animal

I think that Linda Sarsour is very strongly anti-Israel rather than anti-semitic. Her big error is her public support for Farrakhan who obviously is anti-semitic.

I notice, however, that not much fuss was made about his honoured role at Aretha Franklin's funeral. I wasn't happy to see it but I didn't see Aretha criticized for being an anti-semite.

So, for many people, perhaps, there is a clear separation between support for Farrakhan and being an anti-semite oneself.

PS: I did see a bit of criticism of Bill Clinton for appearing onstage with Farrakhan but not much.

Recruiting Animal

Also, in regards to the anti-Israel crowd being with Bernie. Jamie says that they are using him as a sucker. But I think that he thinks that he is the guy who can propose a deal that would satisfy the anti-Israel crowd and the liberal supporters of Israel. So he sees them as belonging with him.

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