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December 13, 2019



I think you could find a good word to say about Boris. He’s sort of “likeable” despite being a toff. Trustworthy or principled might not be apt. (I would much prefer JRM as PM)
An acquaintance of mine is probably the oldest Labour Party member in Port Talbot. Stephen Kinnock calls to see him every time there’s an election. This time, he said to Kinnock “I’m not happy with the Labour Party direction under Corbyn”. To which Kinnock replied, “Neither am I”.
I wonder how successful a Corbyn government would have been in implementing a hard socialist agenda given the opposition to him in the Parliamentary Labour Party. We won’t know that, but it’ll be interesting to see where Labour goes from here. Undoubtedly, there’ll now be a power struggle between the communist Momentum faction and the Social Democrats within the Party.

Mick H

Well, fair enough. I don't hate Boris the way a lot of people seem to. But really, now, he's got it all to prove.

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