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November 30, 2019



The Cold War isn't over for the South Koreans as long as the North keeps developing nuclear weapons and threatening to attack. Even with North Korea's economic weakness, this has to be unnerving for the South Koreans. Also, such an action on Trump's part will only encourage the North to get more aggressive. How can he think that the Korean peninsula is like Europe? This is only one more reason why we have to get that idiot out of the White House.


Well Joanne, it can't be so unnerving that the South Koreans won't pay a mere $5B to offset it. To put that figure in context, http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-08/29/c_138348291.htm
In a very important regard, the Korean peninsula is just like Europe: they expect US blood and treasure to be spent on their behalf. Calling a halt to that may be wise or unwise, may be sincere or merely a bargaining ploy, but is wholly legitimate, and not necessarily idiotic.
I say this as someone who loathes the North Korean system.


Thanks for the link. Yes, I see what you mean.

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