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November 18, 2019


Gavin Greenewalt

not quite the topic but the tamils did not gain a huge quantity of sainthood points.

Gavin Greenewalt

your point about noises from the left and the jew haters is spot on

Mick H

Yes, the Tamil Tigers were guilty of quite a few atrocities of their own.

But still - possibly 40,000 civilians massacred by the government - in 2009! - and nobody seems to be bothered. And now one of the architects of those killings is the newly elected president. And....silence.

Gavin Greenewalt

in my youth(ha ha)i was aware of the sri lanken war but few others were.i heard that the Tamils were the originators of the suicide bomb.the Indian interest was toned down.it seems as if it went on for at least a decade.in the west it was a non issue. some tamils blew up a canadian airliner and nobody wanted to talk about it.it was so not on the radar.

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