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August 11, 2019


Michael van der Riet

A, why don't the 3.5m tell the 20,000 to fuck off? Obviously 20,000 is a grossly understated propaganda thumb suck. Add at least one nought. B, gotta love the European outrage after the atrocities of the Great War and WW2 when the world's supposedly most civilised nations destroyed cities filled with non-combatants, first with artillery and then by air. The victors still insist that this was a cool thing to do. Syria is already the greatest humanitarian tragedy of recent times and the joint instigators with Assad, Hillary and Kerry, have got off scot-free, and don't tell me that Barry didn't know. So Assad is a monster. This is one regime, like Hussain's, that richly deserved to be changed. It looks like the no boots on the ground strategy was a complete disaster, doesn't it?

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