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July 29, 2019



'If she's allowed to wear a niqab, why can't she shout homophobic abuse? It is - or was - a free country.'
I can't tell if that question is ironic or not. I'm happy to compromise on the ideal of a free society when that would be manifested by shouting abuse at people on the basis of their sexuality, race, age, gender or disability.
I think we gain more than we lose.


It’s not certain that you gain anything at all. People who are afraid to speak out loud just whisper the same stuff to people who are now called allies.

And everyone suspects everybody else of being a fascist, making the “wrong opinions” seem more common than they really are. Today, we find alt-right symbols everywhere, the ok sign, drinking milk, even utility signs drawn on the sidewalk. Beer drinking groups, like the proud boys, are suspected of being underground fascists. Etc

Mick H

No Graham, I wasn't being ironic. I don't think the police should be involved in a case like this. Just as I don't think anyone should've been arrested for an "Islamophobic" hate crime if they'd succumbed to temptation and shouted back something about taking that stupid black sheet off, why don't you, and open your mind a little. Offensive, no doubt. But illegal?


I may be a little surprised to see myself sympathising with restrictions on free speech, but I can't see that there is anything beneficial to members of a society having the absolute freedom to shout, 'F*** off back to Africa, ni***r' at other people in the street.
If that principle applies to race, then I can't see how it would not also logically apply to other non-chosen characteristics. Religion possibly a slightly greyer area and I'm not sure what I think about that.

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