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June 07, 2019



You know they're winning because they're anti-Semitic


European Anti-Semitism today is largely a consequence of the "Palestinian problem". At a dinner party recently with educated "middle of the road" friends and acquaintances when Palestine was mentioned, I found myself in a minority of 1 (out of 12).

Israel is bad entity; Look at what it has done to the poor Palestinians. That's what everyone thinks!

As best I could I tried to mention (amongst other things):

(1) The million Christians who had to leave their homes and land in the former Ottoman Empire after WW1. Nobody hears about them these days;

(2) Likewise, no one hears about the hundreds of thousands of Jews who had to flea their homes in "Arab territory". Bagdad used to be the "largest" Jewish city in the Middle East.

It was the poor Palestinians who were put into camps and turned into a political/religious weapon; and a reason and means to continually harass and threaten the existence of Israel.

(3) Jews are Palestinians, they have always lived there, and there was nothing wrong in them seeking independence (and other Jews joining them). The problem was the Arabs/Muslims refused to give an inch on anything whatsoever. By giving nothing, the Arabs/Muslims "lost nearly everything". It is their fault.


As far as I could tell I didn't change any minds. And, it was obvious that what I had to say was totally "novel" for my fellow diners.

Mick H

As you say, it's accepted wisdom now that Israel is bad, and it's the poor Palestinians who must get our sympathy.

At least you tried.

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