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June 29, 2019



I would say ANYONE who holds Corbyn's political opinions and his ideology "lacks a firm grasp of both foreign affairs and the domestic agenda," and, it should be added, has a tenuous grip on reality as well. So what's new here?

Mick H

True enough, but they are implying that on top of his usual stupidity and tenuous grip on reality, Corbyn may actually be getting a bit - well - senile. Though, in the spirit of Dorothy Parker on Calvin Coolidge's death, you may well ask, "How can they tell?"

And, as well as civil servants, a significant number of Labour MPs are getting worried.


HEY! get your u.s. history right. twas woodrow the racist who had stroke in office. calvin died after leaving office with facilities intact.ALSO calvin was least facist president of 20th century.
and d.parker was a bit of the floozy who thought she was cleverer than she was.

Mick H

Nothing wrong with my US history knowledge, thanks.

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