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May 23, 2019



What goes unsaid, as far as I can tell from the other side of the Atlantic, is that those who desire to remain in the EU necessarily no longer wish to govern themselves. Maybe self-government is an outdated, obsolete concept that should be discarded, but few seem to want to make that position explicit and provide reasoned arguments for it - instead, they just throw insults at pro-Brexit voters who do not subscribe to "the values that remaining in the EU symbolises." The "values" symbolized by the EU are not democratic values (in the sense of democracy as self-government, not in whatever sense the facetiously misnamed "Lib Dems" use it), nor are those values particularly liberal (in the sense of valuing individual liberty, again not in whatever sense the "Lib Dems" use it). "Cosmopolitan technocratic authoritarianism" seems the best summary of the "values" of the EU.

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