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April 27, 2019



I think Peterson just likes a philosophical argument. Gives him a chance to sound profound. That’s why he always brings up Jung and others.


I agree that "Islamophobia" is a manipulative term to prevent people from feeling free to criticize Islam, and the goals and activities associated with radical or political Islam. I guess one tack you can take is to say to a leftist:

"You say you're anti-Zionist, but that it has nothing to do with any feelings against Judaism as a religion or against the Jews as a people. You're not at all antisemitic, you're just opposed to a program that many Jews support. You also resent it when Zionist organizations accuse opponents of Israel of being "antisemitic," as you see it as a way of stigmatizing criticism of Israel.

"OK, can't you see the parallel here? Someone can be skeptical of Islamic organizations with dodgy positions or connections, or vehemently condemn the actions of terrorists who say they're motivated by Islam...without being anti-Muslim per se."

"So, the term 'Islamophobia' can be seen as a way of stigmatizing criticism of political Islam."

I wonder how a leftist, or anyone who takes the word "Islamophobia" seriously, would respond to this point.

Mick H

Well yes, interesting point.

I suppose the main difference between Islamophobia and antisemitism is that the former is a choice - a belief - while the latter isn't. It's part of what makes "Islamophobia" such a dubious concept, because it implies that Muslims can't change their adherence to Islam. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim.

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