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April 28, 2019



More useful for British people than smugly gloating over American sins that are now well over a half century in the past (and which we finally terminated without outside help) might be, say, protecting your own female youth from systematic, large-scale predation a la Rotterham, or preserving your own democracy from philistine continental technocratic authoritarians (facetiously masquerading as "liberal democrats"), or preventing the internal takeover of your own country by Corbyn and his crew of Jew-hating, Islamist-friendly Marxists.

Just a thought.


Seriously confused by this comment, starting with the word “gloating”. They’re photos showing remnants of the past. I see things like this all the time in my old neighborhood, Swampoodle in Philadelphia.


"Condescension" would have been preferable to "gloating." Apologies.

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