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March 31, 2019


Recruiting Animal

It's always been beyond my understanding how professional politicians could think that a victory by such a small margin could decide such a strategic question.

The rules should have stated upfront that a 66% majority was required to assure that the referendum was truly the considered will of the majority and was not likely to fluctuate from week to week.

Stephen K

Some good and some bad in those quotes. At the risk of seeming like one of the insane Brexiters, I see it differently. We have a pro-Remain PM with Remain advisors and a Remain Chancellor who made sure to sideline the two actual Leavers (Davis and Raab) who served as Brexit Secretary... and the problem is that she ignored and insulted Remainers? Presumably Remainers do feel that way. So do Leavers. Perhaps ignoring and insulting everyone is just her way.
As for the conclusion... yes the problem with Brexit is Brexit. And the problem with Remain is Remain. Neither are very good. But having promised to Leave, that is what the Government must do.


"The first [error] was to act at the start as if the only people who mattered were the 52% of voters who backed Brexit while treating the 48% as an irrelevance to be ignored or insulted. Where she might have endeavoured to bind together a fractured nation and forge an alliance of the sane Brexiters and the pragmatic Remainers"

What nonsense - that's exactly what she tried to do. The "deal" itself is a compromise. Parliament has voted on all the options and none command a majority - in fact the "deal" got the most votes for it of all the options.

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