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March 21, 2019



As to whether Peterson is part of the "alt-right," my impression is that the Left uses that term to describe everyone to the right of Theresa May (or, in the US, David Brooks).


Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are both darlings of the alt-right. For obvious reasons. No one mentions that.

John Coffin

Peterson is a shallow, self-promoting interwebs 'star.' His bloviating online doesn't really represent any real science or scholarship. That he could attempt to bluff his way into Cambridge is already an embarrassment.

Recruiting Animal

He's not part of the alt-right. New Zealand bookstores banned his books because of the recent massacre. Seems totally crazy to me.

Apparently, one of the people who asked for a picture at a book-signing was wearing an anti-Muslim tshirt. That might have been the problem. I don't know.

"Peterson is posing with a man in a T-shirt that says “I’m a Proud ISLAMAPHOBE” and, in smaller print, lists inflammatory slurs against Muslims and concludes: “I love dogs, bacon and the FREEDOM to hate Islam but not the individual.”



Peterson was given a fellowship to the divinity school. Being shallow doesn't hurt. In any case, he's no more shallow most psychologists.

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