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December 07, 2018


Recruiting Animal

I had a friend, younger than me, who was really into the punk scene. (Before the internet, he put out a fanzine which was mailed out to places around the world). We used to have lots of conversations about it and eventually I decided to find out more with research. There wasn't much to go on at the time (I remember a number of articles by Caroline Coon) but The Buzzcocks, whom I'd never heard of, always got a mention. They were called pub rock, a pre-cursor of punk. The big question I was trying to figure out at the time was whether punk started in England as a result of a visit by The Ramones or if it started independently with The Sex Pistols.

Mick H

The Buzzcocks weren't pub rock, Pub rock was an early to mid-Seventies movement - mainly London - with an earthy back to basics feel, with bands like Dr Feelgood, Bees Make Honey, Kilburn and the High Roads. It was a precursor to punk rock, yes, but not the same at all.

As for the Ramones, yes, they were a big influence on London punk, but I don't think so much directly on the Sex Pistols. So in answer to your last question, I'd say it was a bit of both.

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