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December 06, 2018



let us get a few things straight here;the united states IS THE exceptional country.Rich?the poor of the u.s. are the low middle of e.u..Racist? ask how the arabs feel about the africans,palistinians and jews ,how the chinoise feel 'bout the uighers.How about having a constitution that sez you citizen not subject.
These ideas came out of britain and holland but the the original countrys decided the wanted to live under german rule(e.U.)


"and more simple truths? - about poverty, racism, corruption, and so on."

This is hardly likely to help.

You are a mid western blue collar working man who sees that the establishment overwhelming subscribes to the popular view that America is a racist sexist society but that you Mr White are unfairly benefiting. In fact you are a deplorable.

Boy, that's gonna win them over.

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