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October 14, 2018



The late Mr. Khashoggi was a flack for the Muslim Brotherhood and a friend of the last Osama bin Laden. He deserves tears from no one. Good riddance.

The Saudi government is despicable, as it always has been, but no more so than any number of other governments in that benighted region or elsewhere - including such governments with which the Western elite wish to do business as China, Iran and Cuba (or will wish to business with again, as soon as Trump is gone, i.e., Russia).

If MBS, as repellant as he is, is willing to take sides with the West against Iran, Islamic terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood, we should have no more hesitation in making an alliance of convenience with him than we did in making such an alliance with Stalin.

Michael van der Riet

"Prince" Charles digs the Saudis big time. He'll visit them the very day after a woman has received a hundred lashes for adultery or an apostate has been sentenced to death. If only the Briddish had that sort of simple justice, then that tunnel business would have been completely unnecessary. The Saudis as major oil producers are on Charles' hit list but they've got plenty of sun there and Charles is hoping to convert them to solar waffles. Maybe wind turbines too but the royal falcons don't go for bird slicers much.

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