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October 09, 2018


Michael van der Riet

Yes, but Corbyn is a rock star. If you have rock star appeal, nothing you do or say can change that. Politicians with rock star appeal include Obama, Trudeau, the Pope, Macron, possibly Sanders and Warren and Putin, and here in South Africa our own Julius Malema. I predicted many years ago when Jezza was thought to be cast out into wailing and gnashing of teeth territory, that he would be PM yet. Watch this space.

Mick H

Yes, Obama had rock star appeal. Maybe Trudeau, Macron, etc.. But Corbyn?? The man is as grey and lacking in charisma as it's possible to get.


Rock star appeal of uncle joe stalin,sending kulaks to the camps

Michael van der Riet

Corbyn wears a John Lennon cap and glasses. His followers scream like teenyboppers. He looks as though he could conceivably be a beat poet.

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