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September 13, 2018



The Palestinian Authority's accusation that Israel and the US are behind terrorist groups is true in at least one case - that of the Palestinian Authority itself, which at the very least incites and subsidizes terrorism against Israel, while depending on handouts principally from Israel and its chief ally, the US.

Michael van der Riet

ISIS is Bashir al-Assad's creation. He hosted jihadis aiming at the overthrow of the US-led occupation of Iraq. Come the Arab Spring, ISIS turned on its host. The Arab Spring aimed at overthrowing the largely secular governments of Libya, Egypt and Syria and replacing them with rulers approved of by the Arab League. The movement enjoyed Obama's backing, although to this day nobody can understand why. Clinton supplied arms and training for ISIS, and US dollars enabled ISIS to recruit followers and grow. US involvement in the conflict has been almost purely anti-Assad and practically no action against ISIS. So there is good justification for saying that ISIS is, or was up to a couple of years ago, America's pet attack dog.

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