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July 11, 2018



I am not defending a piece of s--- like Waters, but Leibovitz misses the point of the accusation of "Israeli anti-Semitism." A trope of professional Israel-bashers is to deny that the Palestinians or Arabs generally can be "anti-Semites" because they (unlike Jews) are the true "Semites," and Israel's purported persecution of the Palestinians therefore constitutes the real "anti-Semitism." This is ludicrous, of course (though I think the 19th century term "anti-Semitism," being based on obsolete racial theories, could well be dropped), but that is where Waters is coming from - he is not accusing Israel of persecuting Jews (he probably thinks we're all really Khazars, anyway, though he probably hasn't thought about how Jews from Yemen fit into that theory).

Mick H

Hmm. That hadn't occurred to me, I'll admit. Makes sense. If you're right, I can't imagine many of his audience will have picked up on that.


The police reaction here is a perfect example of a politicised police force in a country where huge areas of life are now illegal. The police choose, on political grounds, which laws to enforce and which to ignore, which 'criminals' to arrest and which to not.

Law ceases to be a predictable set of rules, enforced without bias and becomes a tool of political power to use against the enemies of the mob currently in power.


When I read the phrase "Israeli anti-Semitism" I thought what djf thought. Its an increasingly common comment on various blogs and videos. It matches the modern redefinition of racism as "prejudice plus power", that leads to two conclusions: It is impossible to be racist against whites, and all whites are racist from the point of birth.

Similarly, Jews have power -- or so goes the SJW redefinition of anti-semitism -- so you can not be anti-semitic against Jews, only against Palestinians or Arabs in general. Also, all Jews are anti-semites.


Some slimballs also argue two things
1. Arabs are semites so Arabs cannot be guilty of anti-semitism
2. Most modern Jews are not Mizrahi and so have no claim to Israel.

Ergo Ashkenazi/Sephardi Jews are not really Jews at all and so can be guilty of anti-semitism against Arabs.

I would think Waters has something like this in mind.

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