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June 19, 2018


Recruiting Animal

Berman seems to be too much in love with big ideas.

At the end of the Gorbachev era, countries like Estonia became independent. If they had wanted to remain part of the Warsaw Pact they could have. But nobody wanted to.

So the relationship of the US to the NATO countries and Europe is completely different.

And there is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade. If that means pointing out that the US is paying more for the protection of Europe than the Europeans so be it (if that is really the case).

As for the Canadian dairy industry, many Canadians don't support the way it is handled either.

An all-out trade war and vulgar behaviour are separate issues.


I usually agree that Paul Berman is worth a read but this is very strange.

First of all, many Democrats (as well as establishment Republicans) have berated the Europeans for not spending enough on defence. Obama to pick just one. The difference is Trump is (at best) blunt.

Europe and the US have moved apart in many ways since the Gulf war. The intelligentsia in Europe are consistently rude about Republicans and the mid-west without any attempt to placate the same people, which Democrats are forced to do. To pick an example that long preceded Trump - Clark County. Here we have an influential newspaper organising a campaign to persuade a marginal county to vote for the approved candidate. It dripped with condescension and had the reverse effect to that intended. No one at the Guardian compares that effort with Russian collusion. They share the view that people who vote wrongly are beyond the pale - undesirables if you like. No one seems to worry about that causing rifts in NATO.

Perhaps this attitude has been noticed by US voters who wonder why they should cow-tow to Europe. It's not like Obama lost any votes by being rude about allies, or the Pivot to Asia. the point being a lot of this preceded Trump.

And on the point of Business. We all remember Trump's famous phrase - the business of America is business /sarc
The point being the isolation of America has been the default setting for most of it's existence.

Ask yourself: do most Businessmen want Tariffs? Sure, those who work in declining industries can buy into that but generally People who believe in Free Markets don't demand tariffs.

America gets stick when it acts as the world policeman and also when it doesn't. Most of it originates with Europe and much of it comes from Identity Politics where America can do no right.

For reference, I think Trump is a chump elected because Bernie Saunders supporters stayed home rather than vote for the crook who bought the Democrat Party establishment

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