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June 12, 2018


Stephen Munslow

I think you're being slightly pessimistic, Mick. I remember when Nixon and Chairman Mao shook hands in 1972. Up to that moment the USA was portrayed in the typical negative fashion, but much more virulently and the president portrayed as little short of a bloodthirsty monster. When Nixon and Chairman Mao shook hands it was almost breathtaking in its improbability. I don't remember anyone mentioning concessions or anything similar. That it happened at all was enough. It was a boundary crossed. After that there could be no going back to portraying Nixon as a bloodthirsty savage because to the Chinese people he had been showed to be a human being. In my eyes this is a similar moment. That it happened at all is enough.

Mick H

Yes, I do see the comparison with Nixon-China - a diplomatic breakthrough even though nothing much of substance actually happened. But - well - China was coming out of its worst times, Mao was an old man on his way out, and reform was in the air. I don't think any of that's true with Kim and North Korea. Kim is young. Reform isn't in the air. I think all told there are more differences than similarities with Nixon-China.

Plus, I don't recall Nixon going on about what a great guy Mao was.

That said, it'll be interesting to see how North Korea's media now portray America. But I don't see any great changes.

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