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June 24, 2018



The anti-Iraq War people are the same ones who had no problem with allowing Syria to go straight to hell and beyond. I know a lot of people like that, and the desire to not feel somehow "responsible," i.e., "there's no blood on MY hands," is, in most of them, the most powerful motivation.

Stephen K

Well said.
"Both Ba'athist dictatorships, both formed of dynasties - the Husseins, the Assads - representing minority groups. Both, it goes without saying, brutal in the extreme."
As close to a controlled experiment as one gets in politics.


After what has happened in Syria over the last seven years, it is extraordinary how ready people are to endorse the view it would have been better if Iraq had been left in the hands of a Baathist dictator in 2003. Events in Syria that leaving a country in the hands of a Baathist ditator is not a recipe for peace and tranquility.


The most telling verdict on the war of 2003 is, or should be, the one that the world's Goodthinkers never seek: the verdict of Iraqis themselves.

John Coffin

Hitchens certainly could not have predicted the breathtaking incompetence and corruption of American policy after Saddam was toppled. We can never know how well things could have gone.

Its easy to oppose a war that has already happened. Especially if the outcome is painful to contemplate. And, by the way, when did nerve gas cease to be a 'weapon of mass destruction?'

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