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March 14, 2018



A powerful piece indeed, especially with those figures, but quite mistaken nevertheless.

The Islamic State was not a bit player. Those figures also show the strength of the opposition to Assad. And that opposition would be doing exactly what Assad's regime is doing if it had been on top.

"... the liberal democratic order, the superiority of western values" mean not a jot in that part of the world.


Quite so, but it is also true that Western intervention across the middle East has been a byword for failure and unintended consequences.

There is no conceivable intervention that we could have made which would have ended well.

In a sense the only effective intervention has been Putin's - at least by winning the war for Assad he is bringing it to an end.

Otherwise the suffering would have continued indefinitely.

The major mistake the west made was to offer support to the rebels and to vow that Assad had to go. That was idiotic as there was no way that was going to happen.


"All of our talk about the inviolability of the liberal democratic order, the superiority of western values..."

Where on earth do the chattering classes talk about the superiority of western values? That's not what I hear. I hear only about every problem in the world that can be laid at our door, by whatever tenuous logic. I hear about the debt we owe to everyone, how every failure is the result of something done by us yesterday or hundreds of years ago.

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