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March 15, 2018



The progressive goodthinkers presume to lecture the rest of us about "social justice," and shriek over the latest politically incorrect outrage (some stupid Trump tweet, Brexit, flyover Americans failing to vote for an unpleasant woman who clearly despised them, Israel failing to apologize profusely enough for its own existence).

And this is the sort of thing they actively enable. For decades.

They thunder down at us as if they are standing atop Mt. Sinai. Actually, they are standing at the bottom of a septic tank.


“ ... provide ammunition to the violent racist extremists.“

I’ve seen Britain First marching around with crosses, but hardly anything that can be called a violent backlash.

Fred Z

Sorry, but men who can't or won't protect and service their women deserve to lose them.

Grooming is prejudicial shorthand for "we took them because we're better than you".

UK "men" are too busy drinking themselves stupid, video gaming and wanking to porn to bother fucking their women.

What the fuck did they think would happen? Wanking losers, good on the muzzies.

Mick H

Well thanks for that. Drunk, by any chance?


Drinking, video gaming and wanking are nothing to be proud of, but they are certainly preferable to boffing 13-year-old girls.

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