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March 13, 2018



On the Marr Sunday morning program they did the customary look at the papers slot. One paper was oddly missed out from this review, guess which.

Martin Adamson

I am at the stage where I no longer think that "political correctness" is the explanation. My theory is that many towns in Britain, large parts of the Labour Party, many senior Police officer and much of the justice system has simply been corrupted or intimidated into silence by a Pakistani-led drug-financed mafia. The authorities would rather be seen to be incompetent that allow that truth to be admitted.


It's like that old sci-fi film where aliens have taken over the human bodies. A woman tries to alert the authorities (police etc.) to the danger but their swivelling eyes show that they have been taken over as well.
In the metaphor: for communists/reds read PC lefties.

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