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March 22, 2018



We might see Marx getting the Freud treatment soon.

I never understood why Norm Geras and Hitchens had such respect for Marx. It just seemed out of character for both.

Mick H

Well yes...

I suppose I came out of the same milieu. It's understandable, in a way. So many of the philosophers and intellectuals who we were reading at the time (the rebellious late Sixties and beyond) were incomprehensible and didn't repay the time and effort you took to read them. With Marx, though, you could plough your way through a difficult passage, and - bingo! - actually make sense of it. It was very rewarding. And there was a whole world of Marxist studies to explore. Dialectical materialism? Hey, sounds good!

As to whether he was actually right about anything....well, that came later.

Mar Lizaro

Marxism cannot be separated from crimes committed in its name. A utopian ideology can be imposed only by brute force.


The trouble is, the Marx we read in universities was already sanitized.

Marx thought Capitalism an advance stage of civilsation and a precursor to Communism and as such, supported colonisation. Oddy enough, no self proclaimed Marxist would admit this.

Marx reject the utopian socialists who opposed the industrial revolution and thought we might return to an Elysian past. The pro-progress view lasted through the "White Heat of Technology" era, when the "Greens" were by a large ex-Conservatives like the "People" organisation. Today Socialists are invariably environmentalists.

Marx wrote (or approved) a pamplet called the Final Solution to the Jewish Question that basically said that Jews would not be liberated until they stopped being Jews and abandoned "Huxtering".

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