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March 24, 2018



once again saving the world from capitalist global warming.

Spellchecker to the Stars

One g, two ds

Mick H

Ah yes. Thanks.

Martin Adamson

I'm guessing that because bikes in China are very heavily associated with the poverty and repression of the Mao era, there is now - except for a tiny clique of the Westernised elite - a huge social stigma to riding them. Even if - or precisely because - they are still a very cheap and practical way of getting around.

Or perhaps - and here we are getting into a territory currently viewed as racist - there are just some deeply engrained underlying cultural attitudes towards shared, communal property that make such a scheme impossible in some countries, because not enough people have the sense of social responsibility required to put the bikes back in the rack once the journey is done.


name a culture where shared, communal property really works.
hippy settlements do not count.


Once again proof that no one washes a rental car.

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