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March 31, 2018



From comments I've seen, it is a widespread and sincere belief amongst Corbyn cultists that Isis is a product of Israel.


Not sure I'd go as far as Graham but certainly amongst the (younger) people I know, the default assumption is that this is an attempt to smear the leader. Generally they do not want to look closer or when doing so will find some way to intellectualise away the problem. Thus antisemitism by minorities is due to Jews oppressing Palestinians and, by some unexplained miracle, all would be well if that ended.

The ISIS thing seems to me to have parallels to Holocaust denial: having your cake and eating it. ie. the same fool will say '6M died is a myth' and 'Hitler should have finished the job'. And for ISIS it's 'the perfect Islamic society that was crushed by outsiders and 'it was a creation of Israel'.

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