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January 11, 2018



A few days ago, I happened to meet a Jew from Sweden. Of course, the issue of the threat to Jews from Sweden's Muslim immigrants came up. He hastened to say that he was not against immigration, but faulted Sweden's government for not anticipating and - somehow - preventing the immigration flood (Muslims are now around 10% of the population) from presenting a danger to Jews. Presumably he had in mind some sort of idiotic "tolerance" education.

I can think of one thing, and one thing only, that would have avoided the problem: don't flood your country with Jew-hating immigrants. Of course, I didn't say that to the guy.

Stephen K

Pretty words, but no actions - the usual.

Why is Sweden so particularly bad, though? It's not post-imperial guilt because they didn't have an empire. I suppose as a working hypothesis, it's because so-called anti-racism is their replacement for religion.

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